about my experiences in self-publishing

Should I self-publish?

That’s the question I’ll be trying to answer on this website.

Like many writers, I have loads of stories that have been published once. It’s difficult to submit them again because most magazines and anthologies only accept previously unpublished work.

If I self-publish them, I’ll learn from any mistakes I make and the people I meet. Then I’ll be better placed to self-publish my novel. Or maybe I should start by self-publishing that?

Whatever I do, as I discover more about publishing, self-publishing and how to make money from the stories and fiction I write, I’ll share what I learn on my blog.

I’ll interview self-published authors too, so that I can find out from successful writers how to make self-publishing work. I’ll ask them about editing, cover designs, e-publishing and print publishing – and of course, how they market and distribute their books.

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About me

Juno Baker looking thoughtful

I’m a writer, editor and web content specialist.

Among the many things I’ve done to earn a living, I once interviewed Dolly Parton. As a performance poet, I supported John Cooper Clark. I’ve written articles for the Guardian, book reviews for Litro Magazine and copy-edited a couple of books.

My fiction’s been highly commended at the Winchester Writers Festival, shortlisted for the VS Pritchett Award and placed in other competitions, such as Pindrop, Short Fiction and Rubery.

My stories have been published in several magazines and anthologies, including Mslexia, Litro, Unthology, Frogmore Papers and the Momaya Review.